Living Sustainably

What is sustainable living? Sustainable living is simply living in harmony with your planet. How do we do this? When establishing a sustainable living environment such as your home, it is necessary to respect the planetary conditions that can effect you and your region.

As global warming continues to alter the Earth’s temperature, it’s important to first look at some of the weather that will impact on your living environment.

Earth is heated by sunlight. Most of the Sun's energy passes through the atmosphere, to warm the earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere. For thousands of years, the Earth’s atmosphere has changed very little. Temperature balance of heat-trapping greenhouse gases have remained just right for humans, animals and plants to survive. But today, we’re having problems keeping this balance.

Because we burn fossil fuels to heat our homes, run our cars,produce electricity and manufacture all sorts of products, we’re adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. By increasing the amount of these gases, we’ve enhanced the warming capability of the natural greenhouse effect.

What is the Greenhouse Effect? (See Image)

Did You Know?

The Planet Earth is travelling at 29.8 kilometers per second around the Sun. Do you feel dizzy? Hang on, I hope you’re enjoying the ride!

Earth is the third Planet from the Sun and to our knowledge also holds the most life in all of our Solar system.

Total Earth species:

thirty million or 30,000,000.

Tropical rain forests:

6% of land.

Rain forest species:

50% or 15,000,000 of total.

Coral reefs occupy:

1% of the ocean floor

Coral reef animal life:

25% of all marine fish species.

Human Population:

6 billion

Human Languages: