Wellbeing describes our happiness, confidence, physical condition and general outlook on life. It is about feeling good and taking care of yourself. By adopting a healthy attitude to life, we can improve our quality of living. Wellbeing is not just about avoiding illness and staying fit. It also depends on us making sound choices, remaining in control of our lifestyle and above all, enjoying ourselves!

Optimism, trust, self-respect and self reliance also make us happier. Showing gratitude and kindness lift our spirit. Having clear goals to work towards: a ‘sense of place’ and belonging, a coherent and positive view of the world and a belief that we are part of something bigger than ourselves can also foster wellbeing.



Did You Know?

Physical inactivity has been attributed to a rise in the levels of obesity and subsequent associated conditions like diabetes, heart disease and depression.

The number of obese individuals increased threefold between 1980 and 2002. If recent rates of growth continue, a third of all adults will be obese by 2010.

The World Health Organization has reported that physical inactivity is one of the 10 leading causes of death in developed countries, producing 1.9 million deaths worldwide per year.

The top 5 cancer causing foods are:hot dogs, processed meats & bacon, doughnuts, french fries, chips, crackers & cookies.


Top tips for living longer: be positive, keep active, eat well & live well, stay connected with friends & family, fall in love with someone or something.

A pound of body fat stores 3500 calories.

Your muscles do not grow during exercise. Exercise is only the stimulus. The body strengthens the muscles while you are resting.

The heart of a normal individual beats about 40 million times a year. During this time, over 4000 gallons, or 10 tons of blood are circulated each day.

Restaurant tips for healthy eating: select dishes that are steamed, grilled,

stir-fried or baked including dishes with wholemeal pasta, rice & vegetables.