Quiz 13: Geodesic Domes

We now know that sustainability is essential if we are to maintain a shared quality in life and this all starts with the home. This is why domes are great. They are simple to build, strong and super efficient. It’s time for the next quiz! Remember, most of the answers can be found in the previous section but some questions may require you to dig deeper. So, consider the internet, go to the library or ask a friend. Start building the future!

1. Activity: On a separate piece of paper, draw a sketch of a futuristic house and explain underneath what the major improvements would be. How would this house help our Planet?

2. What is a geodesic dome?

3. What are the benefits of circular housing?

4. What changes happen to the shape of a dome as the frequency increases?

5. What materials other than wood can be used to construct a home?

6. How can a geodesic dome improve air flow?

7. How can a geodesic dome reduce the cost in interior lighting?

8. Activity: You'll need to use the internet to access www.globalrescue.tv and click on Play Dome.

Here you'll find instructions to making your own mini dome. Join up with your class mates and work on a mini dome village to show others the exciting new shapes of the future.