​Quiz 14: Wind Power

Thanks to the Sun, the planet Earth enjoys a wealth of wind which can be harnessed to drive turbines and power our cities and towns. With little to no harm to our environment, wind power is a fantastic solution for the future which should be used to its utmost capacity. It’s now time for the next quiz! Remember, most of the answers can be found in the previous section but some questions

may require you to dig deeper. So, consider the internet, go to the library or ask a friend. Fly like the wind, my friends!

1. What is wind power?

2. What makes wind power so good for the environment?

3. What causes the wind currents on Earth?

4. What was wind power used for in early history?

5. Draw a picture of a wind generator and label its basic components.

6. Why is it helpful to have wind and solar power together?

7. Why is it generally best to construct a wind tower where there is plenty of open space?

8. Why are coastlines often a very good source of strong and consistent winds.