​Quiz 11: Solar Energy

The Sun is the superstar of our solar system, providing light and energy to constantly nourish our blue planet. Did you know it takes a beam of light 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach Earth? Maybe one day, we will travel as fast as a sun beam! So hang on to your pants, it’s time for the next quiz! Remember, most of the answers can be found in the previous section but some questions may require you to dig deeper. So, consider the internet, go to the library or ask a friend. Rise & shine, sunshine!

1.What is solar energy?

2. What is a solar panel?

3. How is solar energy good for the planet?

4. What do the star ratings on appliances mean?

5. In which direction do solar panels have to face in the southern hemisphere?

6. True or False. The light from the sun takes approximately 8 minutes, 20 seconds to reach the Earth?

7. True or False. The energy from the Sun can be used in these 3 ways - to produce heat, chemicals and electricity.

8. True or False. Almost all the energy on Earth comes from the sun?

9. Name some technologies that you have seen which use solar power to operate?

10. What did Leonardo Da Vinci predict as far back as 1447?

11. Approximately, how many people in the world are without electricity?